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A beautiful cloudy day in Yorktown Virginia

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

*Update (08.11.22): I'm looking at this now and where is the delete option! That painting is hideous!

Standing under the George P. Coleman bridge, alongside the York River I took a quick iPhone shot. I needed to get out of da damn house... We vowed we would came back during the weekdays and sit by the river on the beach. When it is in the shade, of course.

Using Andy Evansen's technique of painting a value study first, I created this painting last night and this morning. It is over-worked and the contrasts are incorrect but it's not bad. One to ten? I would give it a six. I worked really hard on the values. The value study did help me see some mistakes I have been making.

I did use Chien's pallet colors. I think Andy's colors are a little too limiting but time will tell. A value study a day keeps the Internet critic's at bay! See what I did there? Yuck!

York River
The York River, under the George P. Coleman Bridge, Yorktown Virginia, Robert J Hopkins 2020

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