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BMW G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycling.

It's been a bit since my last ride, but I recently aced the online MSF cycling course. Next week (5/16-17), I'll tackle the practical portion in Newport News, hoping for a smooth experience.

In preparation, I've been practicing on my hybrid bike in an empty parking lot. I've mapped out a makeshift course that mimics the test route, which only takes ten minutes to set up after clearing the area of debris and gravel with a landscape blower.

Check out my new BMW! I'm getting various upgrades installed all at once: an engine guard, additional lights, USB hub, Garmin bracket, and more. Letting the pros handle it saves me from potential mishaps—I'll leave it to the experts who do this day in and day out.

Let me know what you thing of "Scooter"!

This is the image that I used to create the MSF course that I painted on my local parking lot:

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