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It's time for some Art Classes!

I have not been ready to take any art classes, but it's time. I have been pre-occupied with other personal distractions, but no more. I want to meet more like minded people that have a passion for art and music. I want to share the pleasures I get when my latest work comes to fruition and pleases me. But, it also can be viewed or listened to by others, and can be appreciated enough to motivate them.

I am going to search here locally if there are any Art Studios that paint in water colors. That is all I can paint right now, due to the "hole" that I live in. I will get back to oil painting when the time comes. I think I have decided to break the contract I am in on the current house. I am not ready to take on that responsibility. But, the interest rate I locked in is very good, but I can not let that drive me in my decision. It should not be about interest rates or money, it should be about being happy where I live.

So today I will start actively looking for the right studio, right people, and the right situation. I want to have some fun in life and want to share that fun with others. It's time to paint! I have had my eye on Ucartia Studio that is located right next to Diane's Hair Salon (Ciao Bella Salon) that I go to. She does such a great job with my hair. I have seen activity in there with people that look like they are having fun. Let it begin...

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