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Making three van Gogh videos.

The concept struck me: creating three videos detailing my journey of recreating a van Gogh masterpiece using Rebelle 7 software.

I find myself at an impasse, grappling with the continuation of my real-life rendition of "Wheat Field with Cypress Trees" in my oil art room. Despite my eagerness to proceed, I hesitate each time, yearning for the final result to exceed all expectations.

Here's an overview of the three videos:

Video One: Selection and Layout Process

  • Introduction to the chosen painting.

  • Deliberation on its placement.

  • Screen capture of Rebelle 7 layout.

  • Explanation of canvas sizing.

  • Extraction of colors from the reference image into swatches.

  • Expanding color options beyond Rebelle 7's default palette.

  • Insights into toning the canvas, contrasting with van Gogh's unconventional approach.

  • Demonstration of tracing the reference image in Rebelle 7, debunking the notion of cheating.

Video Two: Brushes and Technique

  • Utilization of Rebelle 7's recorder to document the painting process.

  • Discussion of painting techniques and brush selection.

  • Comparison between blending and Impasto, emulating van Gogh's style.

  • Application of the palette knife in Rebelle 7.

  • Exploration of complementary colors.

  • Adaptations to the original design.

  • Methodical approach from background to foreground.

  • Emphasis on revisiting the painting the next day for final touches.

  • Signing the painting under one's own name, rather than van Gogh's.

Video Three: Printing, Varnishing, Framing

  • Explanation of the printing process, preparing the file for professional printing.

  • Selection of suitable canvas for printing.

  • Importance of maintaining 300 dpi resolution for print quality.

  • Application of thick varnish for added texture and realism.

  • Considerations for framing, including matting, frame color, and sizing.

  • Showcase of the finished work adorning the wall.

These videos encapsulate the meticulous journey of recreating a masterpiece, from digital canvas to tangible artwork.

The most renowned van Gogh painting there is to gaze upon:

Vincent van Gogh, 1888

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