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In today's fast changing world, art comes in many forms. Given to us by "The Masters", and now we are entertained by people like "Banksy". Art is not what it used to be. That is a good thing.

In the olden days (prior to 1900) art came in the form of Oil, Watercolor, Sculpting and Sketches. I think that sums it up.

Today, Art comes in many forms. And, that is great too! Artist's always have the desire to describe the world around themselves. From ancient finger paintings on the walls of caves to cars flying around in space. It's everywhere now, and in every form. I embrace these thoughts and ideas of creativity.

Being that I am still somewhat conservative (a pinch), I still appreciate what the Masters where trying to tell us with their art. It's a place to go to, it's a concept or idea to think about, it's what the artist believed in at the time of creation.

With these thoughts, and my arsenal of tools, I have explored Oil, Digital, and now Watercolor art creation (Acrylic too).

Each has its own strength and weakness. That thought invoking concept deserves a blog post, which I will get too in the future. But for now, I would appreciate it if you looked at my galleries of artwork, past and current. I have worked hard at getting where I am at today. And, I look forward to fine tuning my craft, so that someday I can paint what I want, when I want to and have a painting that I (and you) enjoy looking at.

John Singer Sargents, Levantine Port

Levantine Port

John Singer Sargent

Watercolor on paper (1905-1906)

Just look at those colors. Sargent could see with both eyes!

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