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Alter Ego

To the right is the original song list that the original Alter Ego played back in 2004. Good times! It was a six-piece band that had four active singers. Myself (guitar & keyboards), Keith (guitar & keyboards), and Phil (vocals & bass) started the band. From there, Kevin (drums), Marco (vocals & keyboards), and Heather (vocals) joined the band. We all got along nicely without too many issues. Phil did not care for Marco, but there was an ego thing going on there.

When we played, we were always very active on stage. Using wireless guitars and microphones, Keith, Marco, and I would go out into the crowd and dance with them as we played. It was so much fun. Everyone dug the $hit out of it! They would see us move around playing different instruments, and they thought we were so cool. I loved every moment while it lasted.

This iteration of Alter Ego is going to be different. Instead of having a Drummer, Bass-player, and Keyboard-player, we will record those parts and playback the tracks as we play live. There will be two active guitarists that will swap lead and rhythm parts for different songs. Then, there will be two dedicated vocalists, male and female. This way, we can play everything on the song list. So a total for active players with three recorded backing tracks.

Fifteen years ago, I created a band the same way with just two players, myself and my son-in-law Steven. The Jack Steven's Band and we sounded great. The few gigs we played went well, and everyone liked us. Steven could sing pretty well, but with voice lessons, he would have been great. I miss him and think of him often.

I have never seen another band do this concept of using limited players with decent backing tracks. The recording process does take time to get everything just right. If I could do it fifteen years ago, I could do it again now. Garage Band should do just fine. If I need to go to Logic Pro 10.6.3, I will. But, I would like to use Garage Band instead. It should do the trick.

2004 Alter-Ego Song List
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