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This Moonscape painting came easily. Why is that?

Some paintings require considerable effort, while others seem to effortlessly materialize. This particular piece fell into the latter category—swiftly and smoothly created. Yet, I find myself puzzled by its simplicity. Despite the absence of prominent red or blue/purple hues, the interplay of greens (muted), purples, and oranges surprisingly aligns with the color discord wheel, suggesting a hidden coherence. Perhaps there are subtler shades of discord waiting to be unearthed.

The process of creating this painting was thoroughly enjoyable. It flowed effortlessly from within me. I am curious to see the reactions it garners in the Rebelle Forum Gallery.

For this artwork, I relied on my dependable Square Canvas brush exclusively, complemented by the default blender. The synergy between the tools facilitated a seamless experience. I am eager to hear your impressions!

Copyright, 2024, All Rights Reserved, Robert J. Hopkins

The discord color wheel:

Fascinating! Upon closer inspection of the painting above and the color wheel, I notice a significant presence of yellow-green in the painting. If I were to adjust the color wheel towards the yellow-green spectrum at the top, the potential discords become apparent: Dirty Purple on the left and Blue on the right. Perhaps incorporating some blue into the painting would enhance its harmony. I may hold off on posting it to the forum until I've introduced some dark blue tones to the composition. Maybe even just changing the color of my signature to blue? Good stuff, Maynard!

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