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Alter Ego (the band)

I have started practicing guitar again. I am putting in about an hour's worth of playing each and every day. C Major chord is getting easier, finally. My first finger does not always want to pull in tight enough for me to complete the chord, but today I was playing the chord properly.

I found the old song list from 2004 and added it to my iCloud drive so that I do not lose it again. My bad! The old list is below.

So here are the steps that I need to start doing to get the band up and running by January 1st.

  1. Start recording drums, bass and any record keyboards to act as backing tracks for the band. I will be using Garageband for this. Nothing special here. But, I think I can get by without using Logic.

  2. Once I have recorded five tracks it’s now time to start recruiting members. One guitarist and two vocalists. One female and one male singer. Then we can play most songs. Hopefully the other guitarist can sing (since I can’t!).

  3. Once we have the five songs down from step 2 update the list below with what the members want and can play, with the intent we remain a dance band.

  4. Select two songs a week to learn. We will always practice the new songs first then go back to the list we have been playing from before.

  5. Once we have two sets down “tight”, start playing out live. With the intent of getting a total of three sets accomplished. We will cross four sets later.

What do you think? :)

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