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Artwork emulation of Javid Tabatabaei

There's a quite successful artist on YouTube named Javid Tabatabaei, specializing in watercolor landscapes, cityscapes, and rural scenes. With an impressive following of 143,000 subscribers, it's noteworthy that he achieved this in just two years of online video creation. Currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Javid also showcases his artwork on Etsy, though some might find the pricing a bit steep. Nevertheless, his consistent and high-quality paintings, posted daily, serve as a great source of inspiration for many, including myself.

His daily artistic output has motivated me to reignite my own creativity. While my recent effort is acceptable, it feels somewhat saturated for my taste—a simple early morning landscape with a striking sky. What captivated me was the teal green, subtly suggesting morning ground-cover fog.

I've decided to embark on a project of recreating several of Javid's paintings. These won't be for resale; I plan to keep them for personal enjoyment. Following another artist's footsteps is a valuable exercise, especially after taking a hiatus from painting. The initial attempts might be hit-and-miss, and the process can feel a bit awkward, but it's an essential practice to regain artistic proficiency.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my rendition!

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