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Canvas grounds, past, present, and future.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Other than dealing with the issue of used walnut oil rags and combustion... I pulled out some of my older paintings and compared it to yesterdays effort. It's right in-line with those past paintings. I think the Raw Sienna ground that I used yesterday contributed to a darker painting, which is not what I wanted. It was supposed to be a sunny day not a dreary day as depicted by my painting. The two paintings on the top used a yellow ground and the chroma reflects this brighter color being used. Why not; huh? With watercolors everything is bright and cheerful because of the white paper. White and Yellow: Sunny day

Orange and Red: sunrise/sunsets and fall scenes

Gray and Blue: raining or cloudy

Black: Elvis paintings!

It's fun to compare these four paintings. The one on the bottom left: I used Burnt Umber as a tone-down paint and it shows up as lifeless.

Top left: Oil painted with a palette knife. 2018

Top right: Oil painting after Claude Monet's Under the Poplars, Sunlight Effect. Mine: 2018

Bottom left: Oil on canvas board. 2018

Bottom right: Copy of a Samir painting. 2022

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