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Erin Hanson... One painting a week, for the next thirty years (1560).

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Okay... This is the deal. Monet and van Gogh would adore her and her work. What's not to like? Bold, colorful, knowledgable, respected, profitable, innovative, technical, and an Impressionist. An Open Impressionist. I learned more about her painting process in a ten minute video online than I have seen in a while.

Pallet, primary colors used, easel, solvent, technique, plus learning materials. She's the real deal! So, going forward, a painting a week for the rest of my life. Starting Sunday, 10/09/22. That is the achievement that I think I can live by. 52 paintings a year, times thirty more years equals 1560 paintings. That represents five hours a painting or a total of 7,800 hours which gets me very close to 10,000 hours. The "magic place" where someone becomes a master artist. I already have 2,500 hours int painting. Based upon the number of hours of painting and researching (videos). I can do this!

Erin Hanson, Oil on Canvas, 2022

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