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Hills, them is.

Jed Clampett said it right: Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars... This is week #1 and there are so many to come. I am struggling to find my pallet of colors. My first painting this week; the colors were off. Winsor Blue (Red shade), Winsor Lemmon, Winsor Red (Yellow shade). Those are the Winsor & Newton default primary colors. Not so much to my taste. Today I used Lucas paints: Ultramarine Blue, Yellow; Light Shade, and Alizarin Crimson. The colors were better but the blue is off. I wasn't able to get the same colors as Erin. She may have used Viridian Green? I couldn't get it to work. It all looked like Sap Green which is not what I wanted. I will update this post if I create another painting this week. I think I will but want to think things through,,,

Dem, dare, hills. Taken from Erin Hanson's version

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