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HPP-JBV pedal calibration

The picture below is directly from the HPP-JBV owners manual.

Download Leo Bodnar's DIView program to see exactly what your pedals are doing. When looking at a specific pedal make sure to right-click on that pedals output and turn on "View Raw Data". Note each pedals X/Y/Z that is you're pedals. My brake pedal on my system is the "Z-Axis".

The one thing this document below does not talk about is ABS control or editing the JoyCalib.yaml iRacing file and how to get your car to have maximum braking with out skidding. If we think in terms of the maximum the brake pedal can be is 4096 then if the car you are driving starts to skid at 80%, showing on the red-bar of iRacing, then we need to set the CalibMax value up by 20%. Or: 4096 * 1.2 = 4915.

Using DIView and the calculation for ABS (80% braking) my Z-Axis in the JoyCalib.yaml file will look like this:

CalibMin: 440 * This is my minimum value as reported by DIView

CalibCenter: 440. * Same as the minimum value

CalibMax: 4915. * 4096 * 1.2 (80%) = 4915 (Some cars need a different value than 80%)

Play around with this until you are getting something that feels natural. There isn't an exact number for all pedals and all users!

A critical point was brought to attention that while you are sitting in the pits and wanting to adjust the brake via JoyCalib.yaml file, you can just load the Options window, and Drive page again. Click on the Pedals button to re-config them and then click "Back". You want your "saved" changes to the JoyCalib.yaml file to be "reloaded" into iRacing without you having to exit the test/practice session. A "huge" timesaver!

Here is the HPP document:

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