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I love Sunsets!

I stumbled upon a captivating painting by Carlos Herrera that instantly compelled me to recreate it for my homes main hallway.

Clouds have always been my weakness, with their vivid yellows and oranges tinged with a hint of peril...

Gradually, I'm becoming more adept with Rebelle 7 and falling in love with its capabilities.

It took me roughly two hours to painstakingly craft this digital masterpiece, stroke by stroke. While it may be digital, its capacity for creation is truly remarkable. Painting, blending, layering—each step merging into a single layer with subtle adjustments.

The crowning touch was applying a painted texture overlay. After browsing through Pixabay, I selected a captivating painted texture and downloaded the free version. Placing it as the topmost layer, I changed its blending mode to "Multiply" and adjusted the opacity to around 3 to 10%. Voila! The painting was transformed, imbued with texture in unexpected places. It's this final step that truly brings my paintings to life!

Concept for this painting came from Carlos Herrera.

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