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I'm catching up to you, Andrew...

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

* Update * Looking at my attempt below looks horrid now. Move along, nothing to see here!

Andrew Pitt that is. Am I really catching up? No way, Hosarita!

His effort is effortless. He painted this painting below in twenty five minutes. Mine took an hour. His is "loose". Mine is loose with re-works. That's what happens when you cant paint like a trained professional. Still. my effort is not that bad. What do you think?

Andrew Pitt, 16 x 22 Watercolor on paper (2022)

And here is my attempt:

* * * Removed * * * It sucked! :)

The fence is black on mine. I don't really like scraping the paint to get fences (like he did). I don't care for the perspective of the end of the fence. If I repaint this, I will fix that. His is even worse than mine. The big tree on the left/right looks, fake (notice the bottom). The building to the left of the light house is way to red on mine. The door on the building on the right is too defined.

I like my sky better, but that's my taste. I don't skimp on skies.

When I took the photograph of my painting it was overcast outside so it has a blue tint to it that can't be removed.

He appears to be using Arches rough paper. I am using my favorite paper, Lanaquarelle. It's not as rough but still has some tooth t it. You can see it on the right grass hill.

Not bad for a rookie amateur!

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