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John Singer Sargent used a lot of pigment!

Man, he liked saturated colors in his paintings. I did my best on this one below to capture what I think he did or intended the colors to be.

Is his better? Don’t make me laugh. That’s a resounding yes! Should I do this one again? I plan on it.

I made so many mistakes: details, sky, trees, background layer, the water, etc. The list goes on and on. But, I enjoyed repainting his painting! I am not happy about the last three purple shadows, but that is what he did in his painting. I think that was a mistake, but I am curious why he left those mistakes in. Could it be that he wanted the viewer to focus on those colors to keep them in the middle of the painting, and they are pointing to the center? Colors should lose saturation when they are farther away. Why did he do that? On mine I used a wet brush and pulled a bit of the color out, but not much. It seemed to help.

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