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Monet, Painting #1 (middle), Step 1 & 2

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I started yesterday painting the first of three paintings of Monet's 1916 Lillies.

This will be a little difficult to paint. The reason being is that he fluffed/blended out the first and second layers then applied the third detail layer on top. That makes it very hard to "read" the paintings under-layers. I have spent two days trying to decide how to paint the top section of the painting. The base coat alludes me, still. I'll just have to go for it. I will let one to two days drying time between each coat. I am using Winsor & Newton Griffin fast drying oil to aid me in this task. I may use M. Graham paints for the final details since those paints have a higher pigment count.

Here is the "middle" painting of the three. I chose it because the lack of detail on the top layer. I need to work up to the two outer paintings by painting this easier painting first:

Monet, oil on canvas, 1916

Here is my gray toned canvas, using Titanium White and Lamp Black. It is a step #1 gray on the value guide scale:

Okay! I got over my fear of starting and jumped in. I used all nine colors on my palette.

I know there is a lot of larger strokes and softening going on in the mid-bottom of "M"'s painting. I did use a fan brush to soften this layer in the top 2/3'rds of the painting. I worked at getting some unique brush strokes in there too. I really like the way the top section came out! I am more happier with that than the bottom.

The next pass, with an oiled down white to blur and soften everything. Plus other colors with bigger brush strokes. Plus, the purples that will be directly under the white "Oval" brush strokes to the leaves. I am excited now to move to stage three but I need this layer to dry. It might be ready late tomorrow afternoon?

Here it be. Stage 2 of 4:

I will study "M"'s painting side by side with mine on the monitors tonight and tomorrow and decide my direction. Side by side right now it is all doable! I am happy! More yellows and yellow greens, whites on top, more salmon colors. I can do this!

* Update:

I created a list this morning of the differences between the two paintings. There are only six items on the list, which I am happy with!

1. #3 on the list says to use a bigger brushes. I used a #8 yesterday, today I will use a #10 filbert. I need to get some #8's and #10 flats.

2. I ordered some colored electric tape. It seems to be that Monet used at least four brushes. Of those it is proposed, the four brushes were by color. My thought: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Purple brushes should be ready to go and there wnt be any interference of colors if I use five brushes.

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