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Monet, Painting #1 (middle), Step 3 & 4

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Steps 1 & 2 are done. Step 3 (below) was mostly just touch ups of colors and larger brush strokes. I was doing the "happy dance" because all of the colors are just so YUMMY!

Step 3 completed, using my list of corrections:

Above: Don't get to concerned about the saturation... The "Giclee" next to my painting on the left is "very" watered down and has faded - badly. Plus, when I paint a white glaze on top of the painting the saturation levels will come down. I plan on using a lot of the M. Graham Alkyd Walnut Oil and a small amount of Griffin Alkyd Titanium White. This will cover 3-quarters of the painting, from top to bottom, minus a quarter. When looking down into the water, the water closest to you will have the least amount of white on the surface. Fear not! I have thought this through.

I am going to build another easel to the left of this easel. Same exact easel. It cost $104.00 to build the first one. This way I can be working on three different paintings at the same time. Or, two monster paintings... Or one BAP! (Big-Ass-Painting) Plus, I can display reference paintings next to what I am working on if needed.

Tomorrow is step 4, transparent cover with added white. Step 5 will be the lilies and leaves.

Step 4:

Step #4, white applied overall

This is what I did: I used 90% alkyd walnut oil and 10% titanium. At first I thought I would use a clean t-shirt to apply the "goo". But, I ended up using a household 1.5 inch brush. I did use the rag in about 10 places to pull off some of the goo. I noticed "M" did the same thing. Several highlights were popping out and I needed to do the same thing. Pull them back out.

Step 5, will be a combination of gray and white. There is just a "hint" of a flower. The gray and white layers will be bold and pronounced. The gray on the right will also have a few spots that are muted.

Then, I'll be done! A Monet in a week. Two more to go and that will be a wrap! I do love all of the colors!!!

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