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My Van Gogh, Wheat Field/Cypress update...

I am investing ample time in this painting and utilizing it as a learning experience. At the present moment, here is my progress:

I have ensured that the painting is completely dry now. However, the Zinc White took an excessively long time to dry. I am considering the option of creating a PlexiGlass box that can be used to slide my paintings into, expediting the drying process when exposed to sunlight.

There are several adjustments I need to make to the sky. The far-right bottom blue lacks the green shade present in the original. Secondly, I need to break up the blue curving line on the left. Additionally, the "three-prong" shape painted with Ultramarine requires some fine-tuning. The mid-top blue swirl needs to be toned down, and I should remove the white bird head in the top-left corner. After addressing these changes, I can proceed to work on the right tall Cypress tree.

In future attempts at this painting, I plan to replace Cobalt Blue with Ultramarine Blue. It appears that I followed misguided advice from another artist who used a different Cypress painting as a reference. Moreover, I intend to incorporate a hint of yellow into the green tones. Currently, my greens lean too heavily towards blue, resulting in a cooler appearance.

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