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Safety first, always.

By nature, I am an exceedingly cautious person. In my business, I took on the role of Safety Manager, a responsibility I enjoyed and took very seriously.

So why am I riding a motorcycle now? Besides always wearing all my gear (boots, motorcycle gloves, padded pants, padded jacket, and a Shoei helmet), I spend time at my local parking lot practicing circles, stops, gear shifting, leaning in turns, and U-turns—all the maneuvers I learned in the MSF course. I need to build up muscle memory before I hit the open road.

Meet Ben! It took a few days to come up with a name for my bike, but then it struck me: Red, White, and Blue. Who better embodies the essence and spirit of the United States than Ben Franklin, a man I aspire to emulate.

Ben doesn't have a lot of power, and his sound is a little throaty, but I'm okay with that. He shifts and handles well and is very stable. Even with knobby tires, he rides smoothly on the road.

Enough chatter. Ben looks the same as in the previous photos I've posted, but now he sits in my garage, patiently waiting and calling me for a ride!

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