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The Cool'est Tool'est!

I make it a habit to watch YouTube videos nearly every day, especially first thing in the morning. This, coupled with a cup of tea, sets the tone for the rest of my day.

About two weeks ago, I came across a video on Cheap Joe's YT channel, hosted by Julie. She shared five of "Joes" favorite painting tools (he recently passed away), and one of them caught my attention—the tube wringer. I had a modest turn-key tube tightener, but it wasn't as effective. Those tend to be a bit lackluster.

The one Julie showcased, however, is a game-changer. In less than seven seconds, it effortlessly brings all the rich paint to the top of the tube! The finished result looks remarkably cool, especially with the perfectly placed "crimps" at the bottom of the tube.

While it comes with a somewhat steep price tag (Cheap Joes: $11.69, or Amazon: $17.99), it's genuinely worth the investment! Just be cautious with your fingers—aside from that, it's absolutely fantastic!

The Tube Wringer and my trusty dusty Winsor and Newton Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade). My favorite color!

That paint is ready to "spew" out of "da tube" now!

Nice! Just don't make it to tight, so it doesn't shoot out at you!

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