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The new setup works nicely!

I recently completed my first watercolor painting in a long time, and it turned out decent! It may not be a masterpiece, but it served as a reentry point for me. I've realized I've forgotten some techniques for painting clouds, but I'm confident I'll reacquaint myself with them. I have an older sky painting that I often turn to for inspiration.

I'm pleased with the new setup, although it still requires a couple of adjustments. The recording process went smoothly, although the final release is on hold until I iron out a few things. Learning to use iMovie is a straightforward process, but I do need to figure out a reliable source for background music that I can play over on guitar to elevate my videos above the rest. Well, except for Vladimir's YouTube videos - that guy really has it nailed down. I'll be delving into his content to study his techniques.

I'm also excited to share my updated setup, which now features my new brush holder. It performed admirably!

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