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Today, Peter Sheeler still rules with pen and wash paintings.

He is a current day legend on YouTube. He doesn't get as many followers as he should but I can understand why. His artwork is borderline "simple". But, do not let that simplicity fool you. Years of painting in this style has allowed him to crank out some very wonderful paintings that are not pretentious. He paints for the people. He has mastered "Happy Paintings"!

You can see my attempt at painting his painting on my Watercolor Gallery page at the bottom. His is below.

I liked it when he painted it last year. Notice how the birch trees have been scrubbed out to get the white birch? This is an interesting effect. It allows the sky and background/foreground colors to blend with the bark of the tree. I found this technique something that I wanted to try.

His painting is better, but mine is not that far off. I like his water far better than mine came out. But, I can honestly say that the color of his water was too brown for my taste buds. What do I know? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Peter Sheeler
Peter Sheeler's Birch Tree's at Sunset / 2019 / 5 x 7 inches

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