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Week #3 and I'm having fun!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

10/23/22 - 10/29/22

I've been working in the background this week. Canvas grounds, values, technique, brushes, stuff... :)

Canvas Grounds:

This is too funny! I painted the walls of my house to match the complementary color of sky blue! (UB+CY+CR+WH, 26%, 26%, 13%, 26, in those proportions). That color comes really close to the Home Depot "Practical Tan" color I used. That is so interesting to me. I found the sky-blue complementary color by selecting one of Simar's painting's sky color. I then pulled the painting into ArtRage. AR has the ability of finding the complementary color using a color picker. I selected the sky color and it came back with: #BBA27F. Or this color (right side). The red in the mix should be 17% or 18%:

That is almost dead-on with my wall colors! Too cool!

I have today to paint a painting and will try that color as my canvas ground. Wish me luck!

And this is even weirder... Those are the Hopkins Distribution Company colors! It is ingrained in me I guess?

Here is this weeks painting:

I did mix the canvas ground color from above and used it (the percentages above in the first image). This is my first one where I painted wet-on-wet using M.Graham Alkyd Walnut Oil and oil paints. Before I was painting on acrylic ground in wet-on-dry. You can see some of the ground in the path and the sky.

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