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Week 5: Thinking about "three" Monets.

Not one Monet, but three. That's my project for next week. To start painting three Monet Lillie paintings.

The thought came to me as I was walking by the three paintings in my bedroom (below). What better way to paint a master's paintings if I can use the real paintings as my reference? The colors on my cheap Amazon paintings are fading badly. What if I painted them? The colors will last several lifetimes. I will study the toned canvas (if I can find it), the brush strokes, the width of the strokes, painting with two colors in the same stroke, the list goes on and on what I can do and learn from this.

I bought six 24" x 30" gallery depth canvases so fingers crossed I have enough of them. These will be the largest paintings I have ever painted, time three!

Until next week, I am finalizing my new easel set-up in my new oil painting studio that is next to my watercolor studio. I will also crank out a painting tomorrow or Saturday. Nothing special. But, always from now on, a minimum of one painting a week!

Here are my reference paintings I will start next week. Sorry for the poor picture quality. The lighting in the Master Bedroom... Not so much:

Here is this week's painting. Another dud. But, it's a painting a week! Insert laugh here... There will be many others. Until I find my way of painting I just have to grin and bear it. That's the life of a painter. You can't always paint like other artists. But you can paint your own painting and you're own style of painting. I am hoping that painting in a larger scale next week will help solve some of this for me. The little 11 x 14 paintings are "dinky" and require absolute fine touch. I am hoping that I "can breath" in a larger format and let go some.

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