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Week 6: Monet #2 and my new easels

The picture below is of my "two" identical easels side-by-side. These two easels will allow me to paint paintings that are 48" high by 101" wide (48 in. x 8 ft. 5 in.). This will allow me to paint in any size that I want. If I ever need to paint large portrait paintings I can use my easel in the attic to accomplish that (8 ft. tall x 4 ft wide).

Here are my new landscape easels:

Having an easel setup like this will allow me to pant paintings like this one below. I love the abstract look to it. I don't really care for the colors but the concept is great. I plan on painting more of these types of paintings. This is not my artwork. This is a Giclée that I purchased in Reno and hauled it out here to Virginia. This print is 53" wide x 41" tall. My new easels will handle this with ease:

This week I will be painting the second Monet painting. The right side painting with the prominent lily flower at the top. There is less top layer detail on this painting, so I think it will be better to paint this one next. The third painting has a butt-load of detail on it. :) After "sleeping on it" last night, and reviewing the first painting, it is "sort of okay". Not great but okay. I am hoping number 2 and 3 turn out better. I got carried away with the white/gray water on the top layer. It may need to be repainted but time will tell. It may not be as noticeable when the other two paintings surround it and the water impressions blends in nicely. I bought six canvasses for this project.

I wish this project was done on only one canvas. It would have been much easier to paint. Blending the three separate paintings on each adjacent side will be tricky. Getting the colors too much may be too much to handle.

If this doesn't work out I may paint all three paintings (again) at the same time. So that, the side by side of each painting has the same colors used. It will blend better. Now I have to do my best at matching over a weeks time and it may not work. Time will tell! I am painting and learning and that is what really counts. It's all a win/win with potential failures!

Monet 1916 Waterlilies, oil on canvas

If you want to know how I made the easels then send me a comment on the "Contact" page of this website.

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