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Week 8: Hardware, canvas to panels, and maybe Plein-air.

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I pulled down the easel I had setup in the attic. It just did not work. I can do everything I need to do in my other studio with the "two" easels set up there.

Instead, I bought a table saw so that I could make my own frames. Frame prices on-line are way to expensive. I will make my own instead. I have not decided if I can get by without a planer. Time will tell. I am creating the badly needed work tables this week and am taking a break from painting this week. I'm. just. too. sore!

I will be switching to masonite panels with applied gesso, with two coats, then a third with gesso and Pumice. I like the way the brush moves for ChamberlainPainting on YouTube. He turned me onto this technique. I'm excited to try it!

ChamberlainPainting only paints Plein-air and I want to try that out. It would get me out of the house more and I desperately need that. I am missing some of the feeling in my paintings that plein-air painting affords. Plus, painting on-site would force me to loosen up "a lot" more.

Here is my unfinished work station. This will give me a lace to make panels, paint them, and make frames. One-stop-shopping!

I'll take another picture once everything in the shop has been resolved and built. I need to build a stand, with a sawdust catching box for the chop saw too.

I did start another Monet, but the work in the shop to make frames is more of a priority now. I need to frame a few artworks to get that down. Plus move to panels instead of stretched canvas.

Step one of my latest Monet (Monet, C1906-1907):

24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

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