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Week 9: Monet Water Lillies (C1906-07), newly framed.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The picture below was generated using ImageFramer software on an Apple iMac. It allows me to create beautiful framed paintings for on-line viewing.

This, is this weeks painting I will attempt. I am on stage one of the painting. I am "so sore" from this last weeks wood working on the shop that standing to paint has been out of the question. I am beat! The next few days I will be able to paint again.

Here is Monet's work, framed the way I will be framing all of my "real" works from now on. Simple, modern day contemporary, affordable and I can frame them myself!

What do you think of how the framing looks?


Well here it is. Major issues that cannot be fixed:

  1. I over-saturated the entire painting. I dramatically "calmed it down" when I created the image below.

  2. Not enough yellow on the top right leaves.

  3. Not enough leaves on the bottom left.

  4. The shadow area is to defined.

  5. The entire underwater "scrub" is to defined.

  6. The leaves on the bottom right are to dark in value.

  7. The brush strokes of the leaves are not dry enough. He purposely used dry brush strokes. In real life, mine are correctly done...

I'm not going to bother doing a second pass. I will paint over it at a later date. I don't want to waste the canvas.

Oh well...

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