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You want to paint like a professional?

Then, paint "like" a professional would!

I enjoy looking at professional artists when they give us step by step paintings. This can help students move towards their goal of learning how to paint. It has helped me in the past and I think I am going to give this one a go.

This technique of painting reminds me of painting in digital. Square Canvas #2 paint brush fills in the first layer of big-shapes and values. Second layer of the Oil paint brush in a broad fashion gives some of the detail and rounds out the painting. Finish the painting with a small brush and put in the detail where detail is required. Remove a few spots from both layers to allow the toned canvas to appear with a complementary color showing through. Add a few "spice" color marks and let'er rip! Sign it, and crank it out. Easy peasy. Watercolor is a little bit different (no toned canvas (sort of)) but the other steps apply. So this is how the professionals paint, huh? Not like a typical YouTube artist who paints it in fifteen minutes. The super pros can do it, but let's be honest, even they take their Plain air paintings back into the studio and spruce them up. They all admit to it.

I hope that my painting turns out semi-nice this time!

Chien Chung Wei, Venice Restaurant
Chien Chung Wei, Venice Restaurant

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