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Goodbye to 2023 and Hello 2024!

It's been a fulfilling year, filled with its share of highs and lows, but overall, it turned out to be a winner! I trust yours was equally wonderful.

Engaging in my various hobbies like playing the guitar, piano, pickleball, flight simulation, bike riding, watercolor, oil painting, and fitness has proven to be a fountain of youth. However, I've come to appreciate that the real highlight of my days lies in the company of friends. No amount of hobbies can compare to the joy of laughter and fun shared with good friends!

Despite some injuries keeping me away from my beloved pickleball, I'm optimistic that the next two months will bring healing and get me back on the court.

Taking better care of myself has been a focus, with improvements in sleep thanks to adjustments in diet, scheduling, and exercise. The use of my Garmin watch has been instrumental in monitoring my sleep and overall health more effectively.

This year, I've opted against getting a companion pet. Instead, I've taken on the mission of caring for the local birds and squirrels in my neighborhood. Watching them daily provides enjoyment with minimal upkeep. While I miss my beloved companions, Hannah and Duncan, and acknowledge that nothing can replace their love, I've chosen to enhance the lives of the critters around me. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Sharing a magnificent painting by Nil Rocha, his most favored piece from his YouTube videos, which perfectly captures the essence of today, December 31st (minus the snow). It's been a good year. I hope yours was too!

Nil Rocha, 2018

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