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I have been practicing dry brush strokes.

I have many dry brush strokes ahead of me in my Chein Chung Wei painting. The Venice Restaurant.

Yesterday, I posted a question on his FaceBook page asking him if he could share the brand of paint brush he uses for his detail painting. It is very elusive at this point, still after two hours research on the Internet. I did order some cheap brushes that should show up today that look just like it but I doubt they perform the same way. He said cheap, so I got cheap!

Here is where I am at versus his painting. The head waiter needs work so don't look at that too much. The realization that he is and the other pros are lifting out paint has finally taken hold to me of what they are doing. I think lifting paint from paintings is more prominent than I ever imagined. I noticed this when looking at picture/step two versus three. The green overhang jumps out. So that is how they are cleaning up their paintings... Dirty dogs... They understand the tricks of the trade.

Any-who, here is where I am at currently:

And Master Chein:

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