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I have been so busy!

Life in paradise has been a whirlwind of activity! I've been enjoying intense pickleball matches with a group of close friends, finally sprucing up my home with some new furniture purchases, and achieving some much-needed quality sleep after making a few adjustments. Projects, and more projects – it's been a busy time!

My first furniture makeover project was my office, a space where I spend a significant two to three hours every day. It's strategically located right by the front door, so making a good impression matters. I also invested in a new kitchen table and server, and slowly but surely, the place is starting to take shape. Although I'm not entirely thrilled with the color scheme (a subtle gray tint), it seems to be the dominant choice on the market.

Up next on the furniture checklist is a cabinet for the entryway, along with one or two servers for Alice's room, and some speakers. I'm looking forward to playing music while playing Alice. Playing piano to previously recorded recordings is a major source of inspiration for me.

After that, my attention will turn to updating the furniture in the great room and master bedroom. Exciting times ahead! Here are some photos to give you a glimpse of the current progress. Notice how clean looking I was able to make the computer on top of the table? I worked hard on that to hide everything:

I need to add some home decor to the kitchen to spice it up. Plants, wall hangings, sompin!

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