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Is it time to step back?

Gouache is cool! And, different. Dark. Goes on different. Handles different than watercolors, but... I am confused by it too.

I cut my last painting in half (below) to remove the foreground grass. It went on terribly. It became a big mess of colors that would not cooperate. Too wet, dark, and just, yuk.

Since I painted that on Friday I have stepped away from my desk and forced myself to not look at the painting. It sure is colorful! More so than I care for, but others may like. I know my other painting partner would like it, I'm just not shot on it. It is so much out of my style of painting.

Winsor & Newton Gouache on Lanaquarelle paper, 10.5" x 6.5"

I cut the painting at the bottom and removed the silly looking foreground. "Bill, look away! I'm hideous! - Harry Potter"

Tell me what you think of it, please. I am unsure on my next "tack to take".

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1 Comment

Robert Hopkins
Robert Hopkins
Apr 13, 2022

Do comments work? :)

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