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It's time for a "Come to Jesus" talk...

Last week (week 12) was horrid. And today, it's not much better. I have tried painting the same painting now four times, in oil, and it blows up. I am SO FUCKING DONE with oil. It does not cooperate in any way. Dirty, oily, difficult to mix, mediums, fumes, brushes, canvas texture, the list continues on. I have "one" decent painting in oil after trying to paint for two months straight. I am so frustrated. And, did I mention the environmental impact it has? It's a bitch to keep clean while painting in it. Any hobby that requires you to wear gloves and/or an apron should be banned from the face of the earth.

Fuck It. I'm done for good. I am so tired of trying so hard to get a decent result and am not coming close or getting any better. I just don't have the patience for it any more. I am going to find a way of disposing all of the crap I have brought into my home.

Watercolor and Digital. I'll continue on with those mediums and will be far happier.

Sorry, I let you down, but there comes a point of no return and I am there. Go ahead and give it a shot! I'm just not the right personality for it. It's not for me. :(

Vladimir Volegov, Copyright

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