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Kathleen Dunphy Limited Palette

12/18/22 to 12/24/22

Below, are notes I have taken from Kathleen's video that I downloaded. This is a wonderful palette! So simple, but covers everything I need as a landscape artist.

Titanium White (W&N Griffin for faster drying)

Cadmium Yellow Light (Rembrandt) PY35

Permanent Red Medium (Rembrandt) PR255

Ultramarine Blue Deep (Rembrandt) PB29

Naples Yellow Deep (Rembrandt) PW6/PY154/PBr24

Cold Gray (Rembrandt) PBk9/PW6

Notes from the video:

  1. Create an appealing composition using a marker and paper. This slows you down and gives you a chance to think through how you will paint the painting. Dark to light. Thin to thick. Background to foreground, etc.

  2. Use a gray glass palette to mix your colors on.

  3. Tone your canvas with Cad Yellow Light acrylic paint, lightly.

  4. Using sketch composition, mark the middles of the composition to place marks on canvas properly (see below).

  5. Naples Yellow Deep is really a warm white.

  6. Cold Gray can be used a few different ways beside just calming down colors.

  7. Set the color out on your pallet the same way as the picture above.

  8. Make Black, Violet, Dark Green, Orange before painting anything. This way the compliments are ready to calm down the primaries.

  9. Squeeze out enough paint to get the job done so you do not lose your rhythm of painting. Paint like a millionaire.

  10. Blue + Red = The darkest dark or black.

  11. Add some white to some of that mixture to make Violet.

  12. Blue + Yellow = Dark Green.

  13. Wipe Palette Knife off after every mix and grab.

  14. Yellow + Red = Orange. Place it between those two colors. We can use that to dull down blue.

  15. Now, mix up the base colors of the painting you will be painting. This does two things: You will be matching the colors to grab from during the entire painting, this slows you down to allow you to keep considering the painting.

  16. Blue + Yellow + Red = Natural medium green.

  17. Blue + Yellow + Orange = Warmer natural medium green.

  18. If a color is too warm, add blue, if it is it too cool, add yellowor or red.

  19. Cool Gray + Yellow = Gray Green

  20. Cool Gray + Red = Grayed down Purple. Careful of the Red quantity.

  21. Cool Gray + Blue + White = Distant mountains.

  22. Cool Gray + Naples Yellow + Yellow + Red = Yellow Ochre. Careful of the Red quantity.

Composition to canvas:

Final pallet before this painting was started:

Finished stage on site (Plein Air):

(*Note: She painted this while being filmed on location!)

Kathleen Dunphy, Copyrighted

Finished in the studio:

(Notice the difference in the lighting between outside and inside studio lighting)

Kathleen Dunphy, Copyrighted

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