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Oh Edward, you crafty old codger...

Edward Seago was a sly old dude. His paintings seem deceptively easy. But, in reality they are very difficult to paint.

Take my latest effort. It probably does not have a name, since he painted so many paintings, but who cares.

The sky ends up being about six layers. At least mine did. Don't forget the smoke from the chimney! My effort is a little too defined where as his was convincing. The purple clouds didn't come out that well. I think I should have left all the layers under it completely dry instead of trying to "include" the purple on top of the blue. I am not getting good results when I do that. Spraying, then applying a section after the previous layer has dried seems to work better?

The sand/logs/water came out fairly well. I forgot to add a darker shade on the left-hand side hill. It needed it (like Edward's did).

For a first attempt, the houses and sail boats came out well. I plan on painting this again to see where it leads me. On a scale of 0 to 10? I'll give it a 6.There are a few good bits in there worth looking at.

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