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One out of three, ain't to bad?

I looked at the paintings the rest of the afternoon, and out of bad comes some good.

The last painting is... "good"! The flower is kind of lame but the rest is quite good.

Otah! If I can do that then I can do the next one, and the next one, etc.

Now whip it,

Into shape.

Shape it up,

Get straight.

Go forward,

Move ahead.

Try to detect it.

It's not too late

To whip it,

Whip it good!

Nothing better than a good, fun song when something wonderful has happened in your life. I did have a severe relapse missing my dog Duncan this morning after my painting. But, I tell myself that he wants me to be happy, so I solider on.

For the Dunc Man:

Claude Monet, C1916, oil on canvas by Robert Hopkins

I am one day ahead of schedule! It's Friday and I still have one day left for this week. I painted two paintings this week. Good Boy!

My next painting will be another Monet Water Lilies painting. But which one? Decisions, decisions. :)

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