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Ten months, already?

Gosh, time really zips by when you're having a blast! I've been thoroughly enjoying myself, but hold on a second.

It's been ten months since I started working on that Van Gogh piece, and it's still there in the studio, incomplete. The sky, in particular, has been quite the challenge, although I'm somewhat satisfied with how it's turning out. Yet, there's this persistent hindrance preventing me from wrapping it up.

I did splurge on the full set of Lukas water-soluble oils to match Van Gogh's palette. Maybe that's why I'm hesitant to finish it, waiting for the perfect moment to utilize those paints.

Could it be the fear of messing up and having to discard it? You know, like passing by a burn pile just begging for something to be tossed on top and forgotten?

I can't quite put my finger on it, but every time I walk by, I find myself staring at it. Once it's completed, I envision framing it and adorning my entryway with it. The colors would complement the space beautifully.

Someone needs to kick me off this couch and compel me to finish the darn thing already!

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