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Using Texture with help from Carlos Herrera

Browsing through the Rebelle Forum Gallery, I came across some captivating paintings by Carlos Herrera. His digital artistry reignited my inspiration, reminiscent of my days painting in Procreate (aside from Douglas, of course!). You can find his Blog here.

Carlos possesses remarkable skills in setting the mood for his subjects. His adept handling of values is pivotal in his artwork. From composition to saturation, and his versatility in portraying various subjects, Carlos proves himself as an exceptional artist. I trust you'll find his work as captivating as I do.

With Carlos as my newfound source of inspiration, I revisited some of his older videos on YouTube (Fun2Paint), which were created during his Procreate days. Surprisingly, everything he demonstrated in Procreate seamlessly translates to Rebelle. It's no wonder Rebelle has become my preferred software for digital art.

As an example, I attempted to recreate one of Carlos's scenes based on an older video, drawing from his techniques. Although transitioning from Procreate to Rebelle presented its challenges, I believe I managed to capture the essence. But, I'll leave that judgment to you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Below, I've juxtaposed my simple mountain scene with Carlos's artwork for comparison. His technique of adjusting the blend mode on the topmost layer in the foreground particularly caught my attention. I suspect that's how he achieved those striking effects. I hope you enjoy my interpretation. Not bad for my first attempt using Rebelle 7!

Ours, side by side:

Carlos Herrera Robert Hopkins

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