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I have a ways to go. But...

Updated: Feb 22

Carlos, you little rascal... I guess this is what happens when you paint all the time, and have been using Rebelle for over 3 years now? You've got a massive lead. But, I'm gonna catch up!

I'm referring to Carlos Herrera. You can see some of his works on the Rebelle Forum Gallery. The painting I did below is an impression of what the master is currently doing.

I worked on getting my grass brushes as close to his brushes as I could. He has a brush on the left grass section that I could not figure out what it was.

So, I have two goals to work on the next two days:

  1. Create a painting that is just simple black brushes on a white screen. Label each brush with its name and consider renaming it in Rebelle so I can remember them.

  2. Look on Pixabay for: Moody Landscapes. The landscapes I have been picking aren't what he is using for his references. His paintings are mostly "moody" types of paintings. Fog, dusk, subdued, etc. Yes, he paints exotic, bright landscape too, but he (and I) enjoy moody landscapes. They are more interesting. The last thing I want to do is paint an image that I took with my iPhone during the day. Boring! We all need a little release! Make my paintings thought provoking.

Here, is my take on his latest image he posted on the Rebelle Forum:

Reproduction of Carlos Herrera's painting, from his Blog

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