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Week #2 went a little bit better.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Not great, but better than last week.

I am following the artwork of Samir Godinjak. He lives in Bosnia and has many paintings on YouTube. He does some really nice work. I plan on painting some of his paintings. He has a "mid level" professional painting style that as time goes on he will become "very good" at oil painting. He is very close. He does his best at an Impressionistic painting style. He is much further along than I am. He has two-hundred fifty paintings to my ten... He should be!

Here is this weeks effort (so far):

My painting copied from Samir Godinjak. I never sell my paintings. I always give them away!

Well this is a treat! Two paintings in one week. I'm on a roll!

This second effort follows after the painting above with the addition of "violet". Its kind of like when John in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith says: John: Dinner, this looks nice. Did you do something different?

Jane: I added peas.

John: Yea, peas... Yea, its the green... Sweetheart, would you pass the salt?

Jane: It's in the middle of the table...

With that being said, the second painting looks like the first one. Now starts the "trials and tribulations" of changing things up and not making each painting look like the last one.

My painting copied from Samir Godinjak. I never sell my paintings. I always give them away!

It has some strengths and weaknesses.


  1. The color variability is good.

  2. Good composition.

  3. Good detail without "too much" detail.

  4. The overall picture is lighter. I started with a Naples Yellow ground instead of a darker ground.


  1. The Yellow blob in the middle of the flowers.

  2. Too much yellow in the trees. Should have been Cadmium Yellow instead of Yellow Light?

  3. The hills and trees on the left are the same line. So bad...

  4. The grass up front needs more lightness added to it.

  5. Maybe too much detail and not enough looseness?

  6. Painting feels "stiff".

Not bad not bad. I like the first one better. But it is a tad bit too dark. I may switch up where I put my palette so that it is side by side of the painting at the same angle as the painting. This way I can see the colors and values right next to each other and at the same plane as the painting, with the same light. Currently, I have to look up/down while mixing my colors. But the palette is laying flat and the painting is at ninety degrees with different lighting.

Good effort this week! Keep them coming!!!

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