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Sargent... Or, Pyle...

I have been painting some more like Oliver Pyle. A very respected and gifted artist that resides in the U.K. Here is a link to his pages:

A wonderful artist. He has his own "take" on what watercolor art should look like. A modern take on painting. The reason I say that it is because it is a complete 180 compared to Sargent. My favorite watercolor artist. Him and Monet were BFF and painted together sometimes.

Olly uses washes to achieve his look. Sargent was more of an impressionist. I do prefer impressionism over realism. But, I do like both! Olly's work is very accurate yet soft. Sargent's is a splash of color - everywhere. Sargent left a lot for the viewer to fill in the blanks. Olly is the opposite.

I found that after a while, watching "realism" painters on-line that I became tired of their paintings after a while. Michael James Smith is a good example. Great work, but too photo-realistic for my long term tastes.

Just look at this JSS painting and try and tell me he did anything wrong:

John Singer Sargent

Here is my version of an Olly painting:

I really worked hard at making the background on the other side of the main hill more like what JSS would have painted, but with an Olly flair.

It's not really that good. But, I want to spend more time painting JSS reproductions.

Thanks for inspiring me Oliver! You are the reason I am painting again, my friend!

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