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Van Gogh, anyone?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

I am a subscriber of a YouTube channel owned by a French company that specializes in recreating Old Master's paintings. They paint works of artists who have been dead for more than a century.

Recently, one of their artists painted Vincent Van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Cypresses" from 1889, which has always caught my attention. Watching the artist paint the masterpiece has given me the confidence and inspiration to try painting it myself.

I also have a pending painting project of Monet's "Woman with an Umbrella," which I aim to finish. The V.V.G. painting is a larger format of 28-7/8 × 36-3/4 in, but I plan to use the 24 x 30 canvas I have instead to make good use of it.

Vincent Van Gogh "Wheat Field with Cypresses" (1889) 28-7/8 × 36-3/4 in.

The paints he used to paint this painting were:

  • Chromium Yellow

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Cerulean Blue

  • Cadmium Red

  • Cobalt Violet

  • Emerald Green

  • Olive Green

  • Viridian Green

  • Chrome Orange

  • Raw Sienna

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Payne's Gray

  • Zinc White

Here's the video link of their painting process. I'm inspired to try it myself, and I hope to achieve results as impressive as theirs. However, I intend to make a change by altering the blue line at the top of the distant mountains, as I feel it takes away from the overall beauty of the painting.

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