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Week 13, What a great number!

New Day, new week, nothing but blue skies, shining on me!

It's overcast outside, but not in here! I love my house! I have been thinking "a lot" since my previous post. I popped out of it rather quickly.

  1. Rebelle 6, digital painting software, paint a painting (13" x 17")

  2. Print to canvas

  3. Mount to stretcher bars

  4. Varnish the painting and dry for two days

  5. Add some Griffin Alkyd Oil paint (if needed or will help the result look less digital)

  6. Dry for a month

  7. Add more varnish and dry for two days

  8. Add some varnish gel to give the painting relief (3D)

  9. Insert it into a floating frame

  10. Call it done!

That's the steps to a successful paint! I can do the first step in my sleep. I "know" how to do that and will succeed. Guaranteed!

After I get my first 12" x 16" painting done, I will post it up here. To go into the frame it will actually be a 13" x 17" image. The extra inch will allow the painting to "wrap" around the stretcher bars. Remember: this goes into a floater frame so the sides are "sort of" exposed...

"Doing the Dance"

Here is my digital setup that resides in my Oil studio. There was just enough room for everything to fit. Wish me luck!

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