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Week 15, California Dreaming

Not to be confused with loving California, but it does have some wonderful views. Both the coastline and the Sierras. I found an image on to use as a reference for this painting. I remember the wild daisies along the coastline hills. It really does look like that in the Big Sur area. Rolling hills going down into the ocean. Early morning fog that burns off by 11:00 am. Then, at 4:00 pm the fog starts rolling back in, like what is pictured in my painting.

I like the contrast in how this painting turned out. The dark greens contrast well with the bright oranges. I purposely put the purples in the center where the path leads. I wanted to draw your eye towards that spot to keep you in the painting. I think it works. This was a fun painting and I enjoyed doing it!

California Dreaming

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